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The aviation industry has been decimated by the Covid-19 virus pandemic. I will share with you some things you need to be prepared for on your upcoming flights this holiday and summer travel seasons.


Airlines across the world are in survival mode. If they have not completely shut down permanently, they are struggling just to keep the lights on. As of this writing, six months after the pandemic mandated a full quarantine, the industry is still down at a percentage of approximately 70%.

What that means to you as a passenger is that you can book inexpensive flights right now. Several airlines have dropped change fees completely and are incentivizing travelers to book their flights now. Please be aware that mass layoffs are taking place and reshuffling of our wrack and stack systems will be in flux for awhile. This means that various routes and frequencies of flights that were in place previously, may no longer be there for you to enjoy. The smaller communities are being hit the hardest with some mid sized communities also seeing the affects.


The airlines have done an excellent job in implementing new cleaning technologies. They are using ultraviolet lights and misters in between each flight. These kill nearly every type of virus or bacteria. They have added extra time in between each flight to use bleach wipes to clean every inch of the aircraft internally. There are new, highly effective Hepa air filters in the air systems of every jet. They have mandated masks wearing as a must for all people on each flight. Several airlines keep the center seats open, unless it is a family or a couple together. These protocols have massively reduced most of the the risk in catching the corona virus.

What I have said in my book and in many articles, is that you must also do things to boost your own health before and during your flights. Get plenty of sleep before and throughout your trip. Take things that will improve your immune system defenses like Airborne or Zicam in the days before and during your trip. Drink lots of good quality water because staying hydrated prevents you from being more susceptible. Apparently, hot water with lemon helps effectively as well. Bring anti bacterial wipes and gels to use often. Wear your mask and gloves while being cognizant of every surface you touch at the airports, airplanes, and transportations. You can even wear clear glasses and bring hydration drops to protect your eyes as well.


It will take years for us to recover from this fully but let’s be hopeful that we will rebound from this soon. We will prevail and we will have lessons learned in order to prevent this from ever happening in this way again. In the meantime, we need to stay resilient and look out for one another. Our job as pilots is to keep you safe and I am asking you to reach out and help each other stay safe as well. That means whether it be mental health, demonstration of care, paying things forward, or just simply getting through today, let’s warrior on and get through this strongly to the other side.