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Testing of Corona Virus prevention on aircraft
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Hello Everyone!

Many people have expressed their concerns about traveling during this virus pandemic. Just as I wrote about in my book “Remove Before Flight” in the Travel Health Chapter, there are many things we can do to strongly boost the avoidance numbers of contracting viruses or bacterias in our favor. The airlines have made massive investments to safeguard both the airplanes and the airport terminals. The experts from the Military, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), Boeing, United, and University of Phoenix have recreated and tested with finite detail. Below, they show the results. Please watch Kris Van Cleave and CBS News discuss these outcomes along with the measures that are being taken. I had said .03% chance if you use all the precautions I have outlined and these experts are even saying .003%.

Stay safe and healthy! Wishing you Blue Skies and Smooth Rides!