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Hello Everyone!

On the approach into LAX, several pilots saw a person flying at their altitude near them in a Jetpack! We face many safety challenges on a daily basis and now we have to content with things like this as well.


First, the crew of American Airlines flt #1997 reported to the tower air traffic controller that they were seeing a person at their same altitude of nearly 3,000’ flying a jetpack around. When ATC queried about the location of left or right side and proximity, the pilots said left side at approximately about 300 yards.


The flight behind them also reported seeing the jetpack pilot at the same location off the left side.


Things like jetpacks along with drones, lazers, large birds, and even balloon groupings can possibly cause a catastrophic accident or crash. Think in terms of windshields or engines. If any of these things get splattered across our windshield where we cannot see to fly, if the impact crushes through the window itself killing us, or if an engine is destroyed wreaking havoc on the airframe, systems, structures, and ability to fly, it could be tragic for hundreds of people. If pilots can see it, it is too close.

Operators of these mechanical devices need to be trained, registered, and closely monitored. There must be strict guidelines for height, range, and proximity. They can drop out of the sky at any time or place putting all people in danger.

As pilots, we spend YEARS training, learning, mastering, and operating. The same type of strict and comprehensive regimens need to apply to all people who put the public at risk with any time of in air machines.

stay safe, be healthy, and come fly!