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How to Save Money on Travel Planned with Priceline

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Saving money on travel is all about savvy.  You’ve got to know where to look, when to book, and how to make the most of the tools and resources at your command. Travel expenses can vary widely depending on the day, time, and companies you travel with. Which is exactly why online travel agencies (OTAs) like Priceline are incredibly helpful in crafting a travel plan that significantly cuts your travel costs compared to booking directly with each individual business.


With Priceline and similar services, you can compare the cost and perks for flights across several airlines going along your planned route. You can also bundle your travel to get package discounts and take advantage of on-demand discounts where a flight is trying to sell its final seats close to crunch-time. Not to mention the cool widgets that help you sort results and claim upgrades in a far more streamlined way than comparing airline flight listings tab-for-tab on your browser.


Let’s dive right into cool ways you can save on travel when planning your trip with the Priceline tools at hand.


Plan With Flexible Times in Mind

Normally when we plan a trip, the exact day or departure timeisn’t as important as saving 50+ dollars on travel. If you could leave the night before you planned to travel, or an afternoon later, you probably would. Priceline has a nifty feature that shows you differences in travel costs throughout the day of your flight and up to one day before and after your indicated departure and return days. This gives you the chance to be flexible to save money.


Know Your Airline Perks

Airline perks can make a huge difference in how much you pay to fly. Many airlines featured in OTAs allow a free carry-on bag, for example, saving you the cost of paying for a carry-on and possibly helping you avoid checking a bag entirely. Many allow you to pick your seat in advance. From there, you can look up whether a particular flight will have snacks or a free meal so you can skip the expensive airport food, saving you additional costs.


Pack Light, Pack Smart

Speaking of that carry-on, remember to minimize what you pack. If you can get everything into a single carry-on that you will stow, do. If not, plan for one checked bag and keep the weight light. Use a vacuum packer to compress your clothes and pack interchangeable outfits so there’s no need for a huge wardrobe. When packing entertainment, go versatile with noise-cancelling headphones like Apple AirPods Pro, a tablet, and a single sketchbook to pass the in-flight and airport hours.


Bundle Your Travel Services

Most OTAs like Priceline will help you save money by bundling the types of travel services you need. For example, you probably also need a hotel and booking your hotel and flights at the same time can result in surprising percentage points of savings. If you need transport or a rental car, book those together as well. Each thing you bundle can result in more savings.


Claim Discounted Upgrades

You might be able to save money on a more luxurious experience by knowing the exact moment to accept a discounted upgrade. Another handy trick is to sign up for free membership with airlines to access their airport lounges. Airport lounges are a great resource and often provide free services just for being a member.


Keep An Eye Out for Express Deals

Priceline has a unique feature called Express Deals, most often available during the few days before a flight. These are drastically discounted deals on airlines if you’re willing to accept a few unknowns. Priceline will tell you which of a handful of airlines you might be traveling with and a window of time you might take off and give you a discounted price. Express deals allow Priceline to help airlines fill up final seats at a bargain, which is why the mystery. They are also ideal for anyone who really does need to book at the last minute.


If you’ve got travel plans coming up and want to set aside more money for foodie adventures and souvenirs, check out Priceline to see if the deals and packages can transform your trip with savings and opportunities.

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