You are currently viewing Automation – Need for More Training, not Less

Hello Everyone,

This is an excellent article written by Shem Malmquist and Roger Rapport for WIRED. I am sharing this because safety has always been measured off of probability of failure. We are also training to demonstration but not to proficiency as we had trained in the past. As automation evolves, we need to also develop our training and thinking in the masteries and operations of these new systems. This needs to include factors of failures and unforeseen aspects.

I just recently had an amazing discussion with Astronaut and six time Space Shuttle Commander Jim Wetherbee about these very topics. He wrote an incredible book called Controlling Risk – you can grab your copy on Amazon! He explains that companies think that they will save money in costs with new automation and they do, but they need to avoid increased risk by not adequately training the people operating the new systems.

Wishing you Blue Skies and Smooth Rides!