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Here are the results of the recent Covid 19 testing that took place. It took months of planning, 8 days of work, 32 experts, expensive efforts, and 53 pages of information to finalize this report. The inception of this collaboration came about because the military was concerned about transporting troops commercially. Would the soldiers themselves be safe? When they returned home, could they possibly carry Covid to their loved ones? What about exposure to other bases and countries? Thank you to the military, DARPA, Boeing, United, National Strategic Research Institute, Zeteo Tech, S3i, and all of those people who were committed to providing us this data.

(The extreme cliff note version for those of you who are not learning nerds like myself, the answer is .003% average risk factor with the highest being .02%. This test assumes all people are wearing masks, a 100% full aircraft, and includes the new protocols in place). We talk in detail about this on my videocast with Captain Joe Rajacic that aired on Facebook Live Monday the 9th at 4;00PST/7:00EST. Our interview and others will also be posted on Youtube and the website link “Travel Like a Pro” soon. This interview is included below.

TRANSCOM Report Final

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