Watch now to hear our discussion on travel tips and tricks! We also talk about how to best protect your health when traveling during the pandemic.

Join us in this detailed discussion of the recent COVID testing done onboard the aircraft. We also discuss many of the health protocols in place to best protect you. Spoiler alert – .003% chance!

For excellent information on the protocols in place that help keep you safe at the airports, watch here. We also talk about the Covid virus and what you can expect now when you travel.

Here, we have interviewed the fear of flying guru! We discuss what the typical causes are that make people anxious, how to best prepare for the next flight, and exactly why the SOAR Fear of Flying courses work so effectively! For direct access to instant relief, click on the SOAR Fear of Flying banner on our homepage!

Join us for tips and information for your upcoming travel plans! We also discuss safety factors, aviation podcasts, and being authors!