You are currently viewing Aviation Safety – Highlighting Points from the FAA Safety Summit


I had the honor of working with the CBS National News Transportation Team to bring this segment to you above. Watching the FAA Safety Summit live aired over Youtube today was affirming and concerning. I have shared it below so you can watch as well. Some of the industry heads came together on the panel to discuss specific areas, then broke off into small groups of concentration. In leadership, Pete Buttigieg the Secretary of Transportation, Billy Nolan the head of the FAA, Jennifer Homendy the NTSB Chairwoman, Robert Sumwalt retired NTSB Chair and pilot, Capt. Jason Ambrose head of Air Line Pilots Assn., Nick Calio head of Airlines4America, Todd Hopley head of Airport Executives, Rich Santa head of the Air Traffic Controllers Union, Ed Bolan head of National Business Aviation Assn, and Fay Malarkey Black head of Regional Airlines and government affairs.

We need to take decisive action to make changes in response to the recent incidences.

Wishing you Blue Skies and Smooth Flights!

Captain Laura