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You are free to roam about the cabin now maskless. Let’s discuss what that now means and how you can stay best protected as we move forward.


The heads of the major U.S. carriers had asked the government officials to please consider allowing this mandate to be finalized last month. They had extended it a few times based on the science and what the CDC was recommending. As other restrictions were being lifted around the nation for large gatherings and crowds, we still maintained protection and safety with masks for our passengers and crews.

Just as certain businesses and restaurants can require masks in for us to visit, so can certain airlines at this point. Things were confusing and uncertain at the start of the pandemic and it will be a bit this way again as requirements are beginning to ease back.


Toward the beginning of the pandemic, there was a very extensive and expensive study done by the military, Boeing, United Airlines, and infectious disease experts. They flew several different types of aircraft, in flight and on the ground in various configurations. They used a dummy in various seats and locations who coughed out even more contagious liquid than the Covid-19 virus. To our amazement, the highest factor of acquiring the virus from another passenger while wearing masks was only .03%.

The key was that the air does not flow from the front of the aircraft to the back. It flows from the ceiling down to our feet and flows sideways out of the vents. When you are onboard, open those eyeball vents above your head and have the air flow down in front of you in order to have the least exposure.

The jets also are equipped with very effective Hepa air filters in the air systems. There is a misnomer that the air is one hundred percent circulated and that is not true. The used air is dumped out outflow valves and is partially circulated back. It is mixed with fresh outside air and is cycled through the Hepa filter before it comes through the vents to you. This means that it is 99.97% clean.


If you are concerned about any exposures or illness, it is always prudent to not be in areas where there are large groups of people. If you are having any signs or symptoms of any contagious illness, you do not want to fly for your own health, but also for the well-being of those around you. If you must fly, make sure you do wear a mask and possible face shield. Wash your hands regularly, boost your immune system, and be aware of what you are touching.

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Wishing you Blue Skies and Smooth Rides!