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It is always very distressing to learn of an aircraft crash. It is extremely uncommon and highly unlikely to ever experience a catastrophic event such as this. The experts say that we would die ten times in a car accident before we would ever get a scratch on us from an airplane incident. Over 100,000 flights takeoff and land safely PER DAY all over the world.


Accident investigators will be assessing a multitude of factors. Weather is normally something considered but in the case of this flight, it did not play a role. Aircraft condition and mechanical issues will be looked at to determine if there was a faulty flight control system. In history, a rare event occurred in which an elevator jack screw in the tail played an integral part in an accident. They will be reviewing the maintenance log books, repairs, trends, etc.

This is a 737-800 which is a very safe and solid aircraft. It does not have the same MCAS system as what the 737 Max has. The fact that the flight descended extremely rapidly from 29,000ft to 10,000ft in approximately one minute, leveled off, climbed up 1,000ft, then steeply dove again is highly unusual.


Prayers go out to all of the families, friends, and co-workers of those passengers and crew members who lost their lives. They will forever be etched in our hearts and minds.


As the flight data and flight deck voice recorder are recovered and salvaged, the investigators will have a more clear understanding. This information will help explain the aspects of what culminated in this flight end.

There will be lessons and takeaways in order to even greater increase the safety of flights.

Wishing you always Blue Skies and Smooth Flights!