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In this together:

I am writing this to remind you to “NEVER FORGET”.  And, although my mission is to help you feel more empowered, educated, and at ease, it is important to remember that you are a key component chain of safety. Please do not hesitate for a moment to call attention to something you see or hear that does not seem right. Speak up at the ticket counter, security area, gate, or jet. Tell the agents, flight attendants, or pilots, that you are ‘very concerned’ or ‘worried about safety’ and give specific details. If you feel a bit disregarded, tell someone else of authority. I want you to feel safe and secure on our flights and to do that, you must feel that you too have some say and control in the operations of the flights. Always be vigilant!


Please visit “”. This charity was set up in the name of Captain Jason Dahl who heroically gave up his life at the controls of United flight 93. He was a real leader and mentor to many. This scholarship fund was set up for youth to pursue their love for aviation and help set them on a path to becoming future pilots.

Gratitude in all things:

The following is a video of an American Airlines pilot who was suppose to fly that fateful day. It is a great reminder to cherish each day and to be grateful for the lives we have. “IN MY SEAT” at


We continue to fight after all these years to mandate that adequate secondary barriers are installed on all commercial jetliners. It is critical that we protect the cockpits during those necessary few seconds that the flight deck doors are opened. Bill HR911 is key in doing this so any vouce to your congress person mobes this forward.


This is dedicated to the all the crew members, passengers, people, children, firemen, policemen, and volunteers who gave their lives.


Captain Laura

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  1. Jim Brewer

    I was very happy to see that you have passed people on to “In My Seat”. Also, a neighbor has an American flag in which all of the strips are made of the 3,000 + names of people who died in 9/11. Cheers and God Blees

  2. Jennifer Zamora

    My husband needs all he help he can get with his fear of flying. The last turbulence almost sent him over the edge! How can I help as a fellow passenger? Also, can planes make a kid’s section? (Less stress for the parents AND the adults around them). ;))

    1. Laura Einsetler

      Yes, one of the best things is for him is to be focused on something else and distracted. If he can read, focus on a movie, talk with you, hold hands, and keep breathing deeply, that all helps. Sitting toward the front of the jet is also a good idea since you feel the motion a bit less and there are less heads and people (reducing the ‘tube effect’). Keep him flying Jennifer!! Blue Skies!

  3. Jennifer Zamora

    P.S. I can’t wait to read your books!!! Thanks for addressing 9/11 as well. That created much fear too! God’s peace to those family members!!!

  4. Sandie Allan

    This is a day we will never forget and you brought it forward today as one of the courageous Captains that take their flight passengers seriously. Your job has expanded considerably since 9/11. You are the caretaker of 1,000’s of passengers traveling by air everyday, not at just piloting the aircraft, but making passengers feel safe aboard your flight. 9/11 has given you an awesome job of responsibility, which you take right by the reins & move forward! Congratulations Captain on continuing to make people feel safe in the busy skies above.❤️❤️✝✝

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