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Hi Everyone!

I just LOVE working with The Jet Set Team! Here, we are discussing climate change and how aviation is affected by it. We explain how this could potentially impact your travel plans as well! You can watch my segment here but they have tons of new episodes available on your local cable channel or by logging on to www.TheJetSet.TV. We will have many more adventures in 2018 to help you with your journeys so hop onboard with us!

Captain Laura

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  1. Molly

    I have experienced two dramatic and disturbing episodes of clear air turbulence since December 2017. In one, the plane bounced to the point of water flying out of our glasses, and then it rolled and bounced. People were gasping, praying, and holding their hands in the air. Is it more dangerous to fly, or just uncomfortable?

    1. Laura Einsetler

      Hi Molly!

      As you have seen, the jets are built to withstand things like this. It is always much safer to fly! As I point out in my book, statistically we would be killed in a car accident 10 times before ever recieving even a scratch from an airplane incident. Try to take early morning flights – the air tends to be more stable then! Thank you for writing in and I hope that helps!

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