Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about why I am speaking to you! My name is Laura Einsetler and I am at your service. Recently I have noticed a much higher level of flying anxiety than usual. My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with you so that your questions or concerns are addressed. I want you to feel more at ease and knowledgeable when you take to the skies!
You can see my bio in the “About Me” section and level of experience. I began this process because of my personal experiences and wealth of understanding in various arenas. This journey began under horrible circumstances with my young son becoming critically ill. Life stopped for me and because of the fight for his life, I became a self trained expert in various health and development factors. As he was “reborn”, I was drawn out by experts to help other families and became a guest speaker. I was encouraged to write my first book “Lost and Found” which outlays the details of my trials and tribulations during that part of my life including the effects of September 11th, 2001. (I am currently working with producers and hope to continue developing the movie screenplay for Lost and Found).
During this evolution, I met a business man on a flight who strongly recommended that I write a second book for people like himself. He explained that he travels for business frequently but never quite feels at ease. As I pondered the idea and we collaborated on what this may look like, I realized I had 30 years of questions I had received in my time of flying from you all! I knew that “Remove Before Flight” must be written in order to help remove your fear and concerns before your next flight. It is complete and ready to go to the presses!
In the following articles, I will discuss with you various topics of interest requested by you! I know this will help examine some of the mysteries of flight and will help relieve some of the angst you may be feeling. Input your pre-request for “Remove Before Flight” and please stay posted! The good stuff is yet to come!

Blue Skies!



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