Passenger Safety – NewsDay article

Hello Everyone! This is today’s article from New York’s NewsDay paper. I helped contribute to this article – please read as it is critical to your safety! https://www.newsday.com/long-island/transportation/southwest-airlines-oxygen-masks-emergency-landing-1.18181001  

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  1. DoktersDialogen

    A color or letter based system is easier because it is exactly that a system. The old CTA system required you to memorize individual unrelated names Ravenswood, O”Hare-Congress-Douglass, Lake-Englewood-Jackson Park. If you only use one of these lines, fine, no big deal. But if you”re trying to use them as a system, memorizing every name becomes difficult and interpreting a map or schedule can become overwhelming for some people. There isn”t a pattern to the naming system, and our brains are trained to remember and interpret interrelated things in patterns. If there is no pattern, it”s harder to remember and initially discern. The color/letter system takes a preexisting pattern that any passenger can easily use and grafts it onto the train lines, allowing people to adapt the train system to a pattern that already exists in their heads instead of needing to add a whole new system to their brain”s internal computing.


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